Crazy Ways God Shows Up

What would you do if God showed up at your front door and told you something to do, then left without telling you how to do it? Would you get your keys and head out to do it? Would you sit on your couch in shock and amazement? Would you freeze and not do anything? Peggy Mabbott says that she has done all of the above over the years. She will be sharing many crazy ways that God has shown up in her life. She will show how proof confirms that was God.

This is an inner-active and inter-active workshop that you don’t want to miss. It will build your faith and help you step forward in action with God’s love. Invite a friend who is eager for God to show up. Over the  7 weeks you will hear wild and wonderful experiences and grow your faith. It may even help you to see God’s power on a whole new level in your life.

Workshop Schedule

Week One: What do I really believe about God? Is he too scary and awesome to deal with? What might happen if I let him use me? I need to know more before I let Him use me. Discussion Topic: “How much do I need to know?”

Week Two: Developing trust that God will use me to bring something wonderful into creation. Let go of unnecessary mental blocks and misconceptions about how God works. Discussion Topic: “Can I trust God?”

Week Three: Levels of dimensions God can heal. Physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and Scriptural are all God’s creation and knows intimately how to heal them. Discussion Topic: What happens if I don’t know what to do?

Week Four: Process of prayer. There is no process. Saying your prayers. Thinking your prayers, setting an intent to love another, aligning with the mind of Christ, silence, talking and listening for your father’s voice are all ways of praying. Discussion Topic: “Can I really make a powerful connection in the allies of God’s wisdom?”

Week Five: Surrendering to do God’s will. What to do when God does speak to you? Will you deny him a chance? Will you deny that it could be God, really God talking to you? “Let somebody else do it.” “I’m too busy.” “I’m not good enough to do that.” These are ways we turn our backs to God’s powerful work in the world. Discussion Topic: How do I surrender without ruining my life?

Week Six: Move on to the doing of God’s will and you will get confirmation of God’s presence. God respects your personal desires. Each person will find ways to use his/her personal skills and experiences to do the unique things God calls them to do. Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you. Ask God to use you. Expect God to powerfully use you. Discussion Topic: “How can you simply and easily acknowledge God to others in a way you feel comfortable?” What phrases might you use?

Week Seven: Thank God for what He is doing in your life. Share how you volunteered to be used by God this week. How did God use you? He knows the intent of your heart. Was it focused on being one with God’s magnificent love for others. Perhaps you asked for help in growing your faith, trust, love, or hope. Do you want to surrender? Did you meet your ego trying to hold you back from making a fool of yourself? Discussion Topic: How did this week go?